Frequently Asked Questions


Yellow Nepal is the location based service Mobile Startup in Kathmandu.

What is YELLOW?

Yellow is the location based search app that lists nearby restaurants, discount offers and events of Restaurants in Kathmandu.

I have a smartphone. What does YELLOW mean to me?

Smartapps make your phone and you smarter. YELLOW lets you get informed with the nearby restaurants you want to visit, the discounts you want to use and the events you want to enjoy. App does all things for you. Stay Smart.

I am a Restaurant Owner. What does YELLOW mean to me?

We are affiliate business for restaurants. We help you increase your visibility in our mobile app, where the target group is. We give you customers when they are searching for restaurants.

Is it free for restaurants?

Definitely not. We are running in Beta for three month. You can get all the services for free till then. After three months, its subscription model to the cost that you cannot deny!

Is it free for users?


Where can I find listing of the best restaurants in Kathmandu?

YELLOW can help you find your favourite and best resturants in Kathmandu.

I know the name of the restaurant, but how can I get the direction from my current location?

Using YELLOW you can navigate to your favourite restaurant from your current place.